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Email verification troubles? Please try this.

12/11/2014 4:17:49 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm


If you register a new Navy Field 2 account you can play without email verification. However, you still must verify the account in order to participate in events, utilize certain system functions and make purchases.


If you fail to receive an email verification code initially, you may need to try changing your email to a provider that is known to work with our system. We strongly recommend providers such as: Gmail, Hotmail/Live/Outlook, or Yahoo mail. We have noted that our system does not work with certain international email providers such as: Web.de, Mail.ru, Telenet.be, etc.


To change your email, simply follow these steps:


1) Login to your account on the NF2 homepage.

2) From the NF2 homepage, click on your account name and then click "My INFO"

3) Click "Change Email"

4) Fill in the new email you wish to use, confirm your account's login password, and then click "Send Code"

5) Check your new email for the sent verification code and fill it in under "Email verification code".

6) Click "Verify Mail" to complete the verification and update of your account's email.


We hope this helps to resolve most email verification issues.


-NF2 Team

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