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Other Games & My Channel

3/1/2016 1:39:34 AM
Avatar SamuraiZebra

Hey all,

So outside of Navyfield 2 I do in fact play a few other games, just at a more casual pace. Here's what im currently into:


M.A.V - Modular Assault Vehicle   ( an in-production mech shooter, borrowed/expanded on xbox 360 game Chromehounds by Sega)

Counter Strike GO - everyone knows this, but im really not that good at it.

Skyrim - just something different. I'm not into RPG's as much but I'd played some Morrowind way back and enjoyed that.


I recently started my Youtube channel which includes gameplay videos of Navyfield 2 and tips about M.A.V. While it's not overly professional I am enjoying the process.


Here's my youtube channel:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnQZ-GWcATt0UeansvR8QdQ

Here's my twitter page:         https://twitter.com/GamerNutter


MAV is getting a multiplayer beta update in March (I believe) so things will really be picking up with the game. However the game code itself is not optimised and requires a fairly decent rig to run on, so don't expect much if yours can't handle it.


Here's MAV's website http://bombdogstudios.com/     (check out the forum for more insider details and future plans)

Here's MAV's facebook page    https://www.facebook.com/groups/347114642124605/ 

(regularly updated with Chad's twitch DevStreams and other game related randomness)


Anyways, check out some of my videos and see if you like what I'm doing and if you like the looks of M.A.V. think about giving it a try. 




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