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DD Review: Tier 11 by Talentz

9/12/2015 1:09:54 PM
Avatar Talentz

Hello and welcome back to the final edition of my DD T4-11 review. Today we've reached end tier, Tier 11. I'd like to say congrats on reaching end tier! Its been a long road and finally, you can go grind something else :P

As usual, an overview of the T11 class: T11 is mostly all new for USN, UK and IJN. KM started the game with T10 and T11 and as such, its T11 was considered the best DD in game simply because no nation had there own T11s. However, the landscape has changed slightly and now we get to see the fruits of each nation ripen. T11 DDs are all far faster then T10s, by a solid 5knts. They have more DP and only KM actually has more DPS... we'll get to that issue later on. Agility is increased over T10s.

On the flip side, the Tier 11 class is wicked strong. Make no mistake about it. You'll need to bring your skills to the next level if you want to enjoy DD class at T11. The odds are squarely against you...

Sooo, what about those raw numbers:


Speed** = 4 bulkhead/gold rep/gold boiler. Best armor configuration for all DDs..

Name/# of guns/Shell Dmg/Rld time/Acc/Speed*/torp layout/DP/ Gun DPS/ Torp DPS - Numbers are in full research config


KM Z1942/2x4/1191/5.07/C/45-54/4x2/44,520/1879/1354

UK Tribal/2x4/873/4.55/C/47-56/4x1/44,982/1534/1025

USN Somers/2x4/827/C/45-54/4x3/44,520/1454/1849

IJN Shimakaze/2x3/835/C/45-54/5x3/45,360/1101/2543


So, lets dive in!


KM: The Z at T11 used to be consider the best DD in game. Its speed and gun DPS were on a different level. However, after all nations received there T11s, Z has come back down to earth. At T11, KM has the strongest broadside along with the best gun DPS of any DD. DP is increased over T10, however it is a tied for class low as far as T11s are concerned. Its agility is a hair better then T10. Overall its a solid upgrade over T10. The Z retains its standard 4x2 Torpedo layout. Ineffective vs other high tiered ships, its still better then 2x3 or even worse, 1x4. At the end of the KM DD line stands the Z1942-1945. The hardest hitting and one of the most annoying gunship DDs in game. As expected of the KM DD line.


UK: UK, USN and IJN T11s are "new" to the ship tree. As such.. they are not well balanced as KM's T11. This shows in Tribal's gun DPS... Its lower then its T10 little brother. Indeed, you grinding nearly 3m xp for a ship that hits less then tier lower then it. Very, very disapointing. On the bright side, you do get access to the fastest ship in the game. At 47-56 with Defense lvl 11, there is nothing that can catch T11 Tribal. With its 2nd best in class DP, it is the toughest DD to bring down. Sadly, it does retain the stupid horrible 4x1 torpedo layout. With laughable torpedo DPS and a decrease in gun DPS, Tribal captians will have to rely on speed, agility and def lvl to survive the battlefield. Though with that trio of pros, it is one of the best anti-DD/surface gunships in the game. With KM T11 slightly edging it out.


USN: Following the trends of T11 class, Somers takes a hit in gun DPS. It has a tied for class low DP and retains robust agility. Its 12 torpedo broadside is unchanged. With a standard 45-54 speed, Its multi-role mission is largely unchanged, save for gun DPS. Highly effective in most games. While it wont (shouldnt) be able to keep pace with other T11s gunships, it can put to rest most threats you come across.


IJN: Shima gets that retarded decrease in gun DPS that UK and USN suffer from. However, thats where the blues end. It retains class leading DP, agility, torpedo alpha and gets the standard 45-54knt speed increase. All these pluses outwieght its gun DPS because its simply an IJN DD. You never really counted on gunning ships down anyway, right? 15 torps can still make people cry on the forums and with 45-54 knt speed, you can close the distance that much quicker. This makes Shima truly the most dangerous DD in the game. If your on the other team and a T11 Shima (or T10 for that matter) is your enemy, you had better keep a good awareness around you. Unless you want to get sent to the bottom with 15 splashes hitting your side...


Finally, what are the best DDs in the game!!!


T11 DD vs other DD:

KM: KM T11 is the best gunship shell for shell in the game. Its broadside can 3 hit T4s and 5s. Its just crazy pew pew strong.

UK: Tribal T11 is the 2nd best gunship and with its speed and def lvl/slightly higher DP, it can defeat KM's T11 with a skilled Captian. But at this tier/lvl, if your a UK Captian... your skills should be on a different level to begin with right...?

USN: The gun decrease really hurts Somers. At T10, it was close to UK and KM. However, at T11, its not really as close.

IJN: We know the story already. High DP/Agility can make things interesting. Just dont go chasing DDs... overconfidence will be your undoing...


T11 DD vs other T11:

IJN/USN: Shima T11 with its speed makes it extremely deadly. Somers with its multirole capabilities, make any situation a winnable one. Shima shines in respects Somers cant, and vice versa. As such, they are tied for best DDs in the game. Both can control the flow of a game very well.

KM: While the Z is the best gunship DD in the game. We've seen this story in the past. No matter how hard its guns might hit, your not going out gun duel a T11 BB/CA/CL. 8 Torpedos wont do much dmg to a ship with def lvl 10 and 100K+ DP. No, this ship is made for harrassment and DD hunting. Kiting is something you understand and live by now. It shines at that role more then any DD.

UK: Tribal T11, like its T10 brother has best Speed, def lvl. Its agility and DP does indeed make it very annoying and tough to bring down. Remember UK DDs are best ASW in game. Tribal Captians will be experts at sub hunting and escorting/screening. This translates to putting your team in a good position to win. Thats what UK DD drivers do. Team work is parmount.


Well, that is truly a wrap. I hope all this info will prove useful for those who want there main ships to be DDs!


My experiance playing DD: Tier 11 gameplay is sometimes unforgiving. It takes great awareness and reflexes to make DDs work at this tier. I must say Shima is probably the easiest DD to play because of its great torpedo power. While Tribal is the hardest DD to play. However, a skilled Tribal will beat a skilled Shima 9 out of 10 times. So, its all about understanding ones role and using your nations DD to the best of its abilities. Do that, and it will all come together for you in due time.

DDs are by far the funnest class to play. So sit back and enjoy NF2 through the eyes of a small, agile ship with the power to put fear into the other bigger ships. Remember at the end of the day, DDs are the screening/escort ships of the fleet. A well played DD usually is the key that brings the promised victory. Go out and make it happen!


Thank you for reading,



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