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DD Review: Tier 9 by Talentz

9/8/2015 4:33:09 AM
Avatar Talentz

Hello everyone and welcome back for another round of DD reviewing. Today we will be looking at the all new T9 DDs. This tier class was added after the launch of the game and are still rather new to the community.

First a brief overview of the T9 class: The pros of this class are higher DP and gun DPS. Torpedo DPS is static compared to T8. On the con side: Speed is much lower for all except UK. This Tier will make or break your DD skills. Either you will have learned how to make this class work or you'll stop playing DDs out of fustration. For the past couple of tiers I've talked about how play DD class in terms of game/flow control and not being gung-ho, this is the first true test of your skills.

As for the general T9 class: DDs are up against a wall. T9 is unforgiving. All classes pose major threats. From BBs down to Subs, awareness is key to survival against this class.

So as usual, lets look at the numbers:

Speed** = 4 bulkhead/gold rep/gold boiler. Best armor configuration for all DDs..

Name/# of guns/Shell Dmg/Rld time/Acc/Speed*/torp layout/DP/ Gun DPS/ Torp DPS - Numbers are in full research config


KM: 2x3/1226/4.79/D/36-44/2x4/45,900/1535/1354

USN: 2x3/939/3.83/C/40-48/1x4/45,131/1471/1125

UK: 2x3/901/4.31/C/42-50/1x4/44,785/1254/1125

IJN: 2x3/862/4.31/C/36-44/2x4 or 2x3/43,593/1200/1355 or 1405


So, lets talk about each DD:

KM: The Z at Tier 9 like all T9s, is tough to use. DD highlights include class leading gun DPS and DP. At 1226 dmg per shell, no DD can match you on a per shell basis. The only downside, abit the most impacted, is speed. This DD is 4 knots slower then its T8 cousin. At 36knts... your just not going anywhere very fast. At this tier, your slower then most CLs and even one CA! This really limits your gameplay to support roles rather then being more offensive. In fact, this is the only true game plan you have to work with. Agility is on par with T8, which means you'll lose to more agile DDs in a turn fight. Kiting, Screening, AA'ing and mid ranging torpedo attacks are what you should be focused on if you want to move on to Tier 10.


USN: The story is pretty much the same down the DD class. More DPS and DP. USN retains best in class RLD, 2nd highest DP and 2nd best agility. It carries the same weak 1x4 torp layout designed to fustrate you, instead of your enemy. Continuing the class trend, Gearing 1945 is 3 knots slower then its T8 Cousin. At 40-48, speed is decent. Your lack of torp DPS really hurts, but, this DD is best at supporting your team with strong, rapid fire guns. High DP means you can take a shell or two and live to tell about it. If your good at all your escort duties, you won't notice the speed downside. Support is key with T9 DDs, you either grow your skills or your on the forums complaining :)


UK: UK is pretty much the only T9 that is a direct improvement all around. It gets more DPS, DP, retains the same torp DPS. Breaking the T9 class DD trend, it retains the same speed as T8, 42-50. The only things that hold the N class 1945 back are poor agility and Torp DPS. Its sad, because while you may think whats said above translates into a good DD... it just doesnt. Torp DPS is stupid weak and lack of agility can really show its self when fighting against other agile DDs or CL/CAs. At T9, CL and CA become much faster and more agile then there former classes. N class starts to show its real colors at this tier and sometimes, it can be an ugly sight. With speed, defense level, ASW, N class shines as an escort ship. Just dont go picking fights with other high tiers and think your going to walk away from it... realilty can be cruel.


IJN: Well... were back with Kagero and... if you thought the pain couldn't get any worse, nope it can. So with the T9 class trend, Kagero gets more gun DPS and DP. Retains torp options and DPS along with best in class agility. The nail in the coffin is speed. 4 knots slower means you pretty much are target practice for other ships. You'll wiggle and try your hardest to survive only to get sunk by that lucky salvo. Or, you'll start your torp run only to make it three quarters of the way before you get to test your swiming with the shark skills. The good news is Shima is just THAT much closer. Yes. Yes, it is worth it. The power of Shima will make you quickly forget the worst back to back DD grind out of all the DD classes. You gotta believe, you just have too...


How do they stack your wondering? Meh...


T9 DD vs other DD:

USN: Like T8, a great gun platform and responsive agility along with high DP make gun dueling fun with Gearing. Not so much fun if your fighting one...

KM: Those shells hurt... they really do. But 36knts is not going catch ur target nor run from those who have shells that hurt more. That seems to sum up this DD. Its all fun and games, till they shoot back... lol.

UK: UK guns just dont have the punch to make someone think twice. Sure, the speed/def lvl make it tough. But when you cant put fear into the hearts of your enemy, they become harder to sink. The reality is all too real.

IJN: What can I say... pick on lower tier DDs? Well, you'll still probaby lose to a T4 UK/USN/KM DD... so just pick on IJN DDs. Once they get to Kagero, they'll understand the pain your going through.


T9 DD vs other T9s:

USN/KM/UK: All these ships can preform there respective roles better then each other, the problem is they don't shine outside of that. They all have problems within themselfs and thus, theres no clear winner of the bunch. The name of the game is survival. Do what needs to be done, to get into Tier 10.

IJN: Welcome to the worst DD in game not only on paper but against tier. The real problem is MM thinks because your T9, your just as strong as other T9s or worse, thinks you can carry a team full of T8s and T7s. Kagero has all the problems and its made worse because its T9 and thus, your expected to "be good". Nothing can be further from the truth.


So thats a wrap! The trainwreck has past and were nearing the end. Tier 10 is next. The power of DDs will come out and the hate truly begins at T10!! Stay tuned.


My experiance playing DD: For Tier 9, I mostly spend the post ranting about how horrible all the DDs are. Truly, they are, however I must say, winning can be done. For the time I spent playing each DD, I was able to string together some out of character winning streaks. I went on a 11 game streak with KM, 13 game winning streak with Kagero (HAHA, yeah really). 8 games with UK and a couple of 6-7 streaks with USN. As I was winning these games, I started to ponder WTF is going on. This class is easliy the worst class of DD, how and why am I winning? Is the enemy team weak, are the games just stupid stacked, do people really feel sorry for me?. No, the truth lies in ability to shift from carry to support and working with your team to win games. Most of these game were not typical Talentz 200k atk carry games. In fact, I dont think I broke 200k atk out of the 60 or so games I played. Most games were around 40-50k atk. This led me to a realization that supporting and being true to your escort duties does really payoff. I dont think there was a time were I've ever AA'd so many scouts in these games played. I hunted more subs, screened more capital ships then ever before. I surprised even myself.

In the end, your team is only as strong as you want it to be. Your abilities more often then not will change the course of the game in your favor or not. There are those games were your just overmatched/tiered, but not all games are like that. Put forth your "A" game and go play. Its usually in your hands...


Thanks for reading,



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