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DD Review: Tier 5 by Talentz

8/7/2015 1:32:51 PM
Avatar Talentz

Hello again everyone!

Continuing on from my last thread, today we will look at the Tier 5 of DD class. A brief overview of the class and changes:

T5 DDs are not as strong class wise as they were at T4. Where's T4 is clearly OP vs other classes, T5 can be delt with by BB and CA class if used correctly. UK and USN T5 BBs are rather difficult to deal with because of shell spread (UK) and number of shells (USN). Also, UK/IJN CAs are rather tough due to there strong secondary guns. USN also has a secondaries that can hurt too. This makes gun dueling with them nearly out of the question as they can outgun and out tank you. Thus, its best to kite and med range torpedo them when distracted. A tactic that you should be practicing over and over and over again. This is the DD playstyle you should be mastering.

So, the main changes from T4 to T5 are lower speed, higher DP and more gun dmg. UK and KM DDs are "new" and as such, there basically the same ship with different stats. However, IJN and USN T5 were present in the game at start, so there a bit different. With that said, lets take a look at the stats for the ships:

Speed** = 4 bulkhead/gold rep/gold boiler. Best armor configuration for all DDs..

Name/# of guns/Shell Dmg/Rld time/Acc/Speed*/torp layout/DP - Numbers are in full research config

KM: Z1934 1945/2x5/672/3.59/C/38-46/3x2/37,149

UK: A Class 1945/2x5/622/4.31/C/40-48/3x2/35,204

IJN: Yugumo/3x2/805/4.31/D/38-46/4x2/37,149

USN: Mahan/4x2/797/4.31/C/38-46/3x3/34,619

Looking at the stats above, lets discuss each DD in detail:

KM: The Z contiunes to have the heaviest and fastest broadside of all the DDs. Which is typical of KM DDs. It gets an increase in DMG output and nearly 10k more DP! However, the trade off is 4 knts slower. Which is horrid. Also, the Z suffers from agility. As with its T4 little brother, they are not the most agile in class. Still carries the same weak 3x2 torp layout configuration. Which is starting to show why its weak as 6 torps will not stop a CA/BB in its tracks. Therefor, the kite and torp play style is highly recommend when playing. In fact, all KM DDs are like this ^_^

UK: The A class is nearly the same as T4 A Class. It carries the same gun lay out (2x5), slighty increased dmg. Gets nearly 9k DP. However, the biggest and worst hit is the torpedo layout. At T4, you get 4x2. At T5, this is dropped to 3x2. 6 torpedos is very weak and this hurts A Class alot. UK DDs in general do not have favorable torp layouts. While the 3x2 layout reloads faster at 35s, those 2 torps will be sorely missed. Another oddity you'll find in the T5 is its not as agile as T4. Its also 4knts slower. So same ship, not as agile, 2 less torps and 4 knots slower... this equates to a not so fun grind. More DP certianly helps survivablity, but the costs to achive is far too great.

IJN: Yugumo is a nice improvement over its T4 cousin. While carrying the same lackluster gun layout, DMG is increased abit. Its 3x2 torp layout is increased to 4x2 with improved torpedo dmg. This is a big plus as you can nearly 1 hit most CA/BBs you come across. Also, Yugumo is more agile then the T4 and in fact, is the most agile of T5 class. It also has 37,149 DP which is tied for class leading. Who would have thought? The T5 class suffers from -4 knts base, but the changes in light of that, make IJN T5 a fun play and grind. As with all IJN DDs, they are torpedo boats and not gunboats. You should be confident of your torp skills when playing IJN otherwise... life will be disappointly cut short. Overall, Yugumo is a good improvement over its T4. Which is nice compared with KM and even more so, UK.

USN: Mahan! The T5 USN DD that is the first step into DD "Fun". Ive spent over 500 games in this DD. Chances are if you are a steam player when NF2 when live on steam, I farmed you in this DD :) ~ Mahan is a strong and tough little DD. It comes with a 4x2 gun layout that is only 400ish dmg less then KM's class leading Alpha. It also has the longest range and high mussel velocity which equates to a well balanced gun platform. Furthered by the best torp layout at 3x3 reloading at 35s. Compared to Fletcher, its 4 knots slower and has 34,619 DP. Lowest of its class. However, it is 2nd best in agility and quite compact for its size. Overall, its well balanced ship, which as I stated in my last review, is typical of USN DD line. Worthy of note: Mahan's 3x3 Torp layout is strongest of its class, however, you can not launch all 9 torps in one broadside. They are split by 6 on one side and 3 on the other. Thus, a common tactic of Mahan torp runs is to run straight at a target ship, slighty turn to one side, release 6 torps, then swing to the other side and release the final 3. Thus sending 9 torps head on to a ship while presenting a small profile to be shot at. It works to great effect.

With whats said above, how to they rank?

T5 vs Other T5 DDs:

KM - Still the best anti DD. Strong, fast guns can make short work of other DDs.

USN - USN edges out UK because its Alpha dmg is a tad bit higher coupled with higher velocity guns over UK.

UK - UK Guns have lower velocity and thus are easier to dodge with skill. UK has speed and def lvl over other nations.

IJN - If you didnt already know, IJN is not known for its gunship role... So dont get outgunned by one...

T5 vs other T5 class:

USN - A well balanced gun platform and class leading torpedo Alpha make Mahan best T5 DD. Low DP can cause problems..

IJN - High DP, Agile and 8 strong torpedos can rekt anything that comes near it. Guns suck, but when you one hit a ship, will it fire back??

KM- Even though KM has strong, rapid fire guns.. your not going to outgun a CA or BB. Those 6 torps dont do much more then piss ppl off... then you get the short end of the naval cannon. =/

UK - A class goes from best in T4 class to worst?! Well, 2 less torps and a slugglish ship will do that. Kiting is your best friend. Best start mastering those skills, its a never ending road from here ;)

So there you have it, next up is T6.. Will USN continue to be on top? Or will another nation knock it off? Stay tuned for more!

My experiance on DD gameplay: Starting at T4, DDs have access to Depth charges. With DCs, good AA power, second best landing power and torpedos, DDs are truly multi-role warships. We are asked to do alot and rarely get credit for what we do. So, always keep a positive outlook in a game, no matter if the current situation looks grim. A torpedo spread here and AA'ing a scout there, is what might just turn a game around. Keep close and screen your larger ships from other DDs that want to rekt them. AA when your not busy and keep a 360 degree awareness of the battlefield. We are escort ships and you should take an active role in escort duties. When the time calls, we go out and sink the biggest ships we see. Thats what torpedos were made for :)

~ On the depth charges note: With all that said above, hunting subs is one of the many roles we are asked (or yelled at) to do. My personal thoughts are: Most sub players are avg and are rather easy to sink. Set DCs at 2 and drop charges once you ping them with sonar. You can tell what depth they are by how much dmg you do. If you are 1 depth off, your return dmg will be 1000-1900 dmg. If your spot on, 2.5-4k dmg will return. If you get no dmg return, that means there at a lower depth. If the sonar returns 1-5 depth and you get no hits at depth 2, they are mostly likely sitting at 4. Adjust your DCs and try again. Most SS players hang around depth 2. So you shouldnt have problems with them.

However, the best SS players in the game are nearly impossible to hunt. IF you come across a great sub player, the best way to deal with them is to sink there team faster then they can sink yours. For as powerful as SS can be, there overall dmg output is much lower then other classes. There also slower and have an air time limit. Slaughtering there team and leaving them in a 6v1 at end game will insure that they lose. Even if they come away with 250k and 5 sinks. Nobody wants to lose games ;)

Furthermore, use your best judgement when hunting Subs. Just cause your slow and fat BB is crying doesnt mean you should always stop what your doing and run to there side. A smart sub player will hit and run too there team if being chased, which leads to you getting rekt and being called a noob by that BB player who sailed in a sraight line and got torp'd in the first place -_-"  So be mindful of your surroundings and hunt when its favorable.


Thanks for reading,



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