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The T8 ships and what is wrong with them.

7/10/2015 2:35:30 PM
Avatar delraith

Most of the T8 ships introduced last month to fill the gaps in the ship research tree are riddled with imbalances, as most all of them are equivocal downgrades to their predecessors. CVs and DDs seem exempt from this rule.

I will post about what I know and I encourage everyone else to post their experiences here so I may compile suggestions for the ease of the SDE mods.

IJN CA VII, The Tone 1945

A big downgrade in defense and manueverability compared to the regular Tone. A slight upgrade in damage. Incredibly worse than it's next ship, the Myoko. The comparisons below are the values of the Tone 1945 vs the regular Tone.

- A defense rating of 5 as appose to 7, a 30% decrease in value(!)

- A speed of 31 knots as appose to 33, a 10% decrease in value.

- ~2000 more dp, less than a 3% increase.

- A 1% increase in DPS of the main guns.

- A 5% increase in DPS of the sub guns.

The overheat times seem to wash out as the Tone has increased heat preparation and the Tone 1945 has increased heat duration.


The Tone 1945 sees a paltry average damage increase of 3%. Versus a SUBSTANTIAL decrease in defense of 27%, and a considerable speed decrease of 10%. It seems clear to me that the prior Tone is clearly the superior ship.

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