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T8 KM sub worse than T7? Really?

5/5/2015 11:21:23 AM
Avatar Diabolik

Alright, so we get a few thousand DP more... but same dmg, same guns, 10 seconds more air ( which can't compensate, speed is key to crossing the T ). And we can go lower... BIG DEAL.

This is a bad joke. At least keep the same speed or give us more dmg, I thought that fixing ship progression would be an easy thing, especially for subs which are SIMPLE. Just make them PROGRESS where the stats matter, more DP is useless, more depth is useless and more air when you have less speed which leads to less distance traveled while under is also totally useless.

Common, it can't be that hard to fix this. Make all the torps face forward et voila! Fixed!

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