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3/15/2015 3:50:11 PM
Avatar Bunnydakillr

*Cross-posted on the General Discussion Forum*

A fleetmate of mine started the NF2 Wiki several months ago, but it never really went too far because, quite frankly, many of us didn't think the game would survive this long, and many have indeed already left. However, with the arrival of new players from the Steam launch have come numerous basic questions and even numerous specific requests for a wiki. So I figured it would be a good time to try to breathe some life into this thing, and maybe a few of the newcomers will find it useful.

Of course, there's still plenty of content left to add, so any help from the veterans among the community would be appreciated. All that I ask is that you try to keep the content to known, testable facts about the game and tips will be helpful to new players. That means no negativity (coming from me. I know, right?), no bitching about patches, no whining that this or that is OP or that SDE are retards, no complaining that this ship or that ship is useless and terrible, and no unconfirmed information unless properly designated as speculation or theory. With that said, have at it, if you feel inclined! 

New players can also contribute by helping us flesh out our ship list by creating pages for ships not yet added to the wiki and transcribing information about them easily available in-game through the research tree and the store. Here's an example of what a mostly-complete ship page should look like. 

New players, please enjoy, and let us know what you want to see more of. In the meantime, bear with us as we gradually add more and more content -- there's a lot of information with a game like NF, and our time resources are rather limited.

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