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[01/07] Patch Notes 10PM-12AM PST *UPDATED*

1/6/2015 9:34:58 AM


The Navy Field 2 server will go offline Wednesday evening from 10PM - 12AM PST for routine maintenance. During this maintenance period, the following updates will be performed:


1) Founder’s Credit Bonus Event will be started. All players will receive 20% more credits after each battle until January 28th.


2) Players now can participate in platoon chat with the command: /p (when they are in a platoon)


3) Text change: On officer information slot, Hit will be changed to Accuracy


4) Fleet tag costs will be reduced to 5,000 credits.


5) The message for when a user leaves a platoon will be fixed.


Server downtime may be less than the scheduled 2 hours. Please stay tuned as we ramp up development on previously announced updates for the near future.


***UPDATE 01/07 ***

6) Our team has determined that the platoon feature in its current form has been responsible for adverse battle wait conditions. Due to this, our team is taking immediate steps and disabling the Platoon feature for one to two weeks in order to provide a fix.


The resulting fix may likely consist of a change to the way in which the Platoon system prioritizes balance. We are deeply sorry for the temporary loss of this feature, but feel that it is necessary in order to provide an immediate improvement to the matchmaking system. Our comprehensive matchmaking update is still scheduled for the near future.


7) Players will now be able to add/deduct points through scrolling of the mousewheel


Thank you for your support and understanding.


-NF2 Team

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