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Master Ship and EXP

12/3/2014 12:50:47 PM



In Navy Field 2, you perform “ship research” in order to develop your vessels with better armaments or enhancements. If you complete the research for a specific ship, the ship will obtain “Master Ship” status. Ships of Master Ship designation provide additional EXP and Credit after battle. You can utilize NF Gold to swap the Master Ship’s EXP to Free EXP used to perform ship research on other ships.


There are 2 basic EXP system utilized in Navy Field 2. They are mostly similar but differ in their use according to the following:


Ship EXP is obtained after each battle. This EXP is used to perform additional ship research on the ship that was used in battle.


Free EXP is also obtained after each battle and can be used to perform ship research. However, unlike the Ship EXP, Free EXP can be used on any ship. Not just the ship that was used in battle.


These systems and more will be easier to understand through hands on experience in the Navy Field 2 beta. The server goes live tomorrow, December 4th! An announcement will be posted as soon as the server is available. Stay tuned!

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