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Navy Field 2 Beta Client Available for Download!

12/1/2014 5:43:40 PM

You are just one more step away from enjoying Navy Field 2! Our Beta client is now available to download from the download section of our official website. Once installed, you will be ready to participate in the Beta. The Beta server will be online from December 4th through December 9th.

The following are additional details regarding the test client and test period:


1) You should install everything that the installation client requests in order to complete installation of the Navy Field 2 test client.

2) Since this is a “Beta” or test version, please expect changes to be made in the final release.

3) Once the Beta server is online, it may go down temporarily without notice if there are any critical issues requiring immediate resolution.

4) The Beta server will be open on December 4th and remain open until December 9th. The test client will only work during this period.

5) During the Beta, player accounts will have level 30 captains at the end of tutorial completion.
Accounts will also contain 100,000 credits, 5,000 Gold, and 35,000 Free EXP in order to get the most out of testing.

6) Once the Beta period has concluded, accounts will all be reset to default starting condition. Please utilize the Beta period to get a handle of NFII’s controls and features and then join us for the official launch on the 11th!

7) Please report any bugs or errors during the Beta period either through website support ticket or by posting to our forums. We will work to resolve them all.

8) Enjoy the game!

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