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[12/10] Thank you beta testers!

12/10/2014 12:31:56 AM

Dear fans of Navy Field 2,


Our team wishes to extend our full gratitude to all who have taken time to participate in the Navy Field 2 beta service.


Thanks to all of your feedback, we have learned a lot about what we should and should not do for this game and our community.


Our mission statement for Navy Field 2 can be described as the following:


To develop a game that players can find great enjoyment in and provide a gameplay environment that players feel comfortable with.


Even though the beta version did not succeed in making everyone who tried it happy, we have begun to make changes to the game based upon what most players want to see that we believe will get us closer to our goal. We promise to continue making changes until we do reach our goal, so please stay with us to see how this game develops and improves.


Thanks again for all of your support and see you all on Thursday for the launch!

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