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[12/8] Launch Preparations : Initial Patch Notes and Updates

12/8/2014 2:07:11 PM

NF2 Captains,


Thank you for taking time to participate in the NF2 beta. Our team has been carefully going through all of the feedback received throughout the beta period. We intend to do all we can to satisfy our users and provide an enjoyable gameplay experience unlike any other.


With the beta period coming to an end on December 9th, we would like to share some information regarding what to expect in the initial launch client, to be made available December 11th, along with upcoming plans. Please read on for all the details.


The following updates or changes have been tested and confirmed:


1) Manual key settings

Key bindings will be changed to be near identical to the manual key settings of NF1. Veteran users may still feel a difference in control, but should be able to get accustomed quickly after a few battles.


Hot Keys will be fixed so they can be altered without issue.


2) Language filter

The language filter will be fixed so only exact cases are flagged. This should resolve a number of captain name errors and will allow users to chat freely.


3) Miscellaneous graphical bugs and typos will be adjusted.


The following updates or changes require further testing but are confirmed for launch:

1) Revised Matching System

Our current matching system initially tries to match up 2 similar teams (12vs12 and 16vs16 for example). Players who don't fit in to the balance have to wait until another team becomes available. This causes wait times that are far too long.


This system will be changed so that players who don't make the cutoff for the initial teams will then be set to battle immediately against each other. This may result in suboptimal battles, such as 5 vs 6, but players who participate in these battles will receive 20% additional EXP as compensation for the conditions. This will vastly improve wait times for individuals as well as shorten Platoon queues.


2) Fame System

Fleets will be ranked each season. The Fame System will replace the tentative “Contribution System” as a method to assist players in being scouted by fleets. Players will gain a fame calculation when they participate in battle and achieve good scores.


This system will be solely dependent on the player's individual record, and will then be added to the fleet score once the player becomes a fleet member. With this, fleet leaders will have an incentive to scout good players to help enhance their overall fleet ranking.


3) Officer Slot System will be changed.

There will no longer be any Premium Sailor exclusive slots. Sailors purchased with credit will be able to be loaded on any available slot. Prior to this change, sailors purchased with credits would only be able to be loaded on the currently designated “Basic Slots”.


With this change, players have the choice to devote their effort on utilizing credit sailors without feeling any pressure to make use of Premium Sailors if they don’t want to.


4) Battleship (BB) Auto FCS

The auto reload will be slightly reduced as we felt that it has performed a bit faster than expected during beta.


The following updates are being worked on, and will be patched shortly after initial launch:


1) Additional game modes

Annihilation mode – A basic battle mode with additional options.

  1. Current mode– The default mode offered in beta
  2. Allied vs Axis
  3. Nation battle (e.g US vs IJN; UK vs KM)


Occupation mode

  1. Occupy all islands
  2. Occupy the target island (just like Harbor Assault mode in NF1)


Protection mode

  1. Protect your commander’s ship mode
  2. Protect your commander’s ship while you reach the target point (one team for defense; one team for offense.


2) Missions

We will offer daily, weekly, and monthly missions. Players who complete these missions will receive item or Gold rewards.


3) EXP system

Players will receive EXP when they occupy enemy or neutral bases. Players will also receive higher EXP when downing enemy aircraft with AA guns. This will provide a better incentive and tactical purpose for utilizing smaller ships in battle.


In addition to the listed changes, please expect many revisions and improvements to our website over the coming weeks.


The most important note is that you please bear with us as we work to improve NF2 with your help and support. We realize that some aspects of the game may seem a bit alienating to veteran users or confusing for new players. With your help, we will work to develop our current foundation into an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

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