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Aides and Officers

12/1/2014 7:23:03 AM

In Navy Field 2 you can equip Aides and Officers to assist you in battle. Each Aide or Officer offers a unique set of abilities or benefits. How you choose to configure your ship can have a meaningful impact on the battle field.

In general, Aides will improve the benefits or rewards earned through battle. Officers help to improve your performance or condition during battle.

To equip an Aide follow these steps:
1) Simply click on the "RECRUITE THE AIDE" button towards the upper-right of the shipyard screen.
2) You can also purchase an Aide through the "BATTLE STATION" panel.
3) Right-click on the Aide's portrait to bring up the Aide change UI.
4) Use your arrow keys to select the Aide you wish to set.
5) Click "Confirm" to complete the placement of your selected Aide.

Perform the following steps to use an Officer:
1) Purchase the Officer from the shop
2) Load the "BATTLE STATION" panel.
3) Click on empty officer slots or slots that you wish to change upon loading the Officer change UI.
4) Select the Officer you wish to equip.
5) Click "Confirm" to complete placement.

For additional screenshots and information please see our Facebook page.

Please be sure to try Aides and Officers out during the NF2 Beta later this week! Register your account today at and then enjoy the beta from December 4th through the 9th. Official launch is December 11th!
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