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[Breaking News] Updates will be arrived at November 17th!

11/9/2016 10:22:14 PM

Dear NF2 Captains,


It's been a long time that we couldn't have a big update for better gaming but finally we are preparing a significantly big changing of the game, and it will be applied on the 17th of November.


We decided to change the current play style to follow the way of Navyfield1.


Navyfield2 will follow the way of playing style like Navyfield1, and the overall playing speed of ship, shell, etc will become slower.


Below is the details and people can check.


1. ship speed will be decreased by 30%.


2. Shell speed will be decreased by 40%.


3. Ship turning speed will be decreased by 20%.


4. Eyesight will be increased by 20%.


5. Manual control will have 30% more accuracy rate.


6. Zoom-Out rate will be increased by 30%.


7. Morale rate will be increased slightly.


8. After sunken, when people out of the room, the win or defeat will be decided by the calculation when people out of the room.


9. Default UI rate will be changed to 120%.


10. Shop Item price will be changed.


11. Login Event will be started.


12. Boosting Event will be started.


13. Level Up Event will be started.


14. German language will be added.


We will try to keep up the good update process and next update will bring the premium ship and Fleet Battle System soon.


Thank you for your playing and hope your anticipating for better playing circumstance of NF2.



-NF2 Team

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