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[02/23] Upcoming Patch Notes for 02/24

2/23/2016 11:06:34 AM

Dear NF2 Captains,


The NF2 server is scheduled to go down for maintenance this Wednesday evening (from 10PM - 11PM PST). During this maintenance period, the following patch updates are scheduled to be performed:


1) KM Tier 11 CA Deutschland will receive an ammo increase from 240 to 720


2) KM Tier 11 DD Z1945C Type D will receive an ammo increase from 720 to 960


3) The speed of IJN Tier 9 CL Kitakami will be increased by 10%


4) The reload speed of all torpedo launchers will be reduced by 15%


5) The main gun shell power of KM Tier 12 BB H-44 and IJN Tier 12 BB A-150 will be decreased by 5%


6) The angle of RN 8-inch twin guns will be changed from 70 degrees to 50 degrees.


7) P. Vanguard in-game display error has been changed (Tier 11 -> Tier 10).


8) IJN Tier 7 CL Kuma's torpedo damage display error will be fixed (610mm -> 533mm; bug fix)


These patch updates may be altered if serious bugs are encountered. The patch duration may also change if needed, but we will notify immediately if that is the case. Please look forward to these new changes this week!


Thank you for your support,


-NF2 Team

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