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[12/31] New Years Greetings and 2016 Plans

12/31/2015 11:43:11 AM

Dear NF2 Captains,


Over the past year Navy Field 2 has come into its own thanks to your amazing guidance and patronage. With the New Year arriving, we again want to let you know how thankful we are for all of your loyal support. Navy Field sails onward into 2016 with new goals and plans. Please read on for a briefing on what’s to come.


1) Tier 12 BBs are on track to be introduced onto the server this January or February


- Only BBs will be added initially

- Additional details including screenshots will be posted soon

- We are working to introduce other Tier 12 classes following the Tier 12 BBs


2) Comprehensive Balance Patch


- This balance patch is scheduled to be completed in January

- The patch changes will be tweaked as needed in the weeks and months following their introduction


Patch Highlights:



- 10% faster reload speed

- 10% faster gun turning speed

- Defensive power will be increased



- 5% increase in torpedo power



- 10% reduction in speed


Other ships (excluding BB and SS)

- 10% increase in credit gain



- Aircraft duration time will be changed from 7 days to permanent


3) Fleet Battle

- We are currently on course to patch this system in March


4) Harbor Assault

- This extensive project is expected to be patched this April or May


*We may still see some additional changes or features introduced throughout the year. We will update you with notifications as soon as new ETAs or progress reports are available.


On behalf of our entire team, we wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year!


-NF2 Team

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