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[12/14] Regarding a recent Gold bug

12/14/2015 12:12:22 PM

Dear NF2 Captains,


This past evening our team fully investigated recent reports regarding a serious Gold bug exploit stemming from our most recent patch update. The bug should now be fixed.


We understand how difficult it could be to resist exploiting a bug that provides free Gold, and with this in mind, we hoped to only reset Gold (take back the exploited amount) and avoid taking further disciplinary actions.


Unfortunately, there were a number of accounts that abused the bug to the fullest extent possible. Taking back the exploited amount of Gold from these accounts would put them well into negative gold amounts. As such, a number of accounts have been locked.


Still, we hope to offer as much lenience on this matter since we could not address the issue sooner. If your account has been locked out and you wish to regain access, please send an email to sde.nf2@gmail.com with details regarding your account. We will try to assist each user on a case-by-case basis.


Thank you to all who took time to report the issue,


-NF2 Team

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