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[04/22] Patch Notes (Server is up)

4/21/2015 11:19:50 PM


Dear NF2 Captains,


The following are tentative updates planned for this week's regularly scheduled maintenance period on Wednesday evening.


Please discuss and share your thoughts.


1. Credit rewards cap will be altered/removed.

With this revision, more attack will clearly lead to more credits earned in battle.


2. Battle lifetime bug fix. *UPDATED*

Players may experience reward disadvantages for being sunk early in battle. Up until now a bug has existed which has provided a full time bonus for all players including those who were sunk early. Players may feel as though EXP has declined on account of this bug fix, but this will be countered by upcoming changes to the rewards system.


3. Special Events

From April 23rd through May 6th, players will experience a 50% credit and EXP boost following every battle through a Researcher's Event.


A new Daily Login Event will also go into effect wherein users can earn Gold for logging in and then redeeming on the event calendar page.



These are the updates currently planned for this week, but please stay tuned for news on additional separate event announcements and progress reports. Our team is taking extra care to read all of your feedback as we work on finalizing our more significant planned updates.


Thank you for your support,


NF2 Team


P.S Server open hour is delayed for 30 minutes. The server will be up 1 AM in PST.

Sorry for your inconveniences. 




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